FRIDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2021 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG Overview Joint pain is one of the most common complaints in medicine. It is more prevalent in seniors whose joints have been subject to long-term wear and tear. Many people develop conditions like osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The former is more common in women. Although

THURSDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2021 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG Overview Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), also known as concussions, are among the most frequent causes of death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of emergency department visits related to TBI admissions, complications, and deaths increased by 53%

hari loss issues

THURSDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2021 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG Overview Despite the impressive advancements made in the field of medicine, hair loss remains unsolved today. Every year, hundreds of clinical trials attempt to come up with a revolutionary treatment that will restore hair loss. Unfortunately, most of these studies fail to produce sufficient results. Interestingly, the

wharton jelly injection

Wharton’s Jelly injection

MONDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2021 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG What is Wharton’s Jelly? Wharton’s Jelly is the gelatinous connective tissue found in the umbilical cord. This once discarded substance, previously thought of as afterbirth waste, is rich in healing substances and abundant in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Benefits of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Wharton’s Jelly The

Wharton’s Jelly

Wharton’s Jelly – how does it work?

THURSDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2021 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG What is Wharton’s Jelly? Wharton’s Jelly is the substance that helps lubricate and support the umbilical cord. What makes Wharton’s Jelly so special is it contains high levels of mesenchymal stem cells. These special stem cells adapt to fit the cells needed to help regenerate damaged tissue

improve your inmmune system

MONDAY, 16 AUGUST 2021 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG The Benefits of Exosome Treatment for Human Health Recent studies show that exosome treatment could have great benefits for human health. Chief among these benefits is the power to repair damaged tissue, the ability to stimulate the immune system, and its role in sexual health and the

Exosomas Celulas madre Cancun

TUESDAY, 10 AUGUST 2021 / PUBLISHED IN BLOGExosomas Celulas madre Cancun Reasons to Choose Cellular Therapy in Mexico What is Cellular Therapy? Cellular Therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, is a groundbreaking field of medicine today that aims to repair diseased, dysfunctional, or injured tissues using Stem Cells and their derivative products. Stem Cells are

Self-Care for Dummies

THURSDAY, 08 OCTOBER 2020 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG What is Self-Care? It is, quite frankly, impossible to use the internet in the twenty-first century without hearing much more than you want to about self-care. Most often, it is some sort of internet influencer telling you how important it is to take care of yourself while

THURSDAY, 08 OCTOBER 2020 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG The Reality of Aging Skin Those who are younger and have never had to face any of the effects of aging firsthand often have a naive view of getting older– that they will age like fine wine. But in reality, the human body ages more like fine

How to Check-In on Your Health

Many people say that health is wealth – and this is because, really, many people do not know how important and crucial their health is until a certain part of their body is suffering – at which point they realize that they took their health for granted. However, just like checking your bank statements to

Some people believe that stem cells can achieve this, but studies show it’s unlikely in most cases. While minimal growth may be observed a year after treatment, full cartilage replacement is rare. Limited Regenerative Capacity of Cartilage Cartilage has limited regenerative capacity, and current pharmacological treatments offer only symptomatic relief. Patients who don’t respond to

Knee replacement alternatives

Knee replacement, also known as knee arthroplasty, involves replacing a knee joint with a prosthetic device. Explore the alternatives to this procedure and their benefits. Why Consider Knee Replacement Alternatives? Many patients seek alternatives due to persistent pain and potential risks associated with knee replacement surgery. Challenges of Knee Replacement Patients often experience continued pain

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