ISSCA: International Society for Stem Cell Application

Promoting excellence in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

Leader in promoting excellence and setting standards in the field of publication, research, related education and certification in Regenerative Medicine.


Hands-on course in autologous cell therapy

Adipose tissue processing, bone marrow extractions and injection training with live patients.

Workshop on Cellular products derived from neonatal tissue.

(Exosomes, Cord Blood, Amniotic Fluid)
Biology, Manufacturing Processes, Treatment Protocols and injection training

ISSCA Conferences

Designed to create a platform for physicians to collaborate, share data, initiate discussions
and exchange information that may be directly translated to therapeutic applications.

Our Objectives

Bring together as members, professionals of the science, medical and industry areas for productive collaborations around the Stem Cell research in all its possible fields.
Create a platform where physicians and members can collaborate actively, discuss, comment and share information which may be directly translated to therapeutic applications.
Be a initiative dedicated to making new stem cell therapies readily available to benefit the health and well being of a broad range of patients.

Our commitment to educate experienced medical providers on current cellular research and techniques is just the first step in achieving the Conference initiative’s goal—to bring cutting edge stem cell and regenerative technologies to clinical practices worldwide.

ISSCA Conferences are also designed to help create a platform for physicians and others in the medical industry to collaborate actively, initiate discussions, share comment and exchange information that may be directly translated to therapeutic applications.


The practice of Regenerative Medicine is enhanced through ISSCA membership


ISSCA Fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering


We bridge the gaps between scientists and practitioners in Regenerative Medicine


ISSCA code of ethics emphasizes principles of morals and ethical conducts.


ISSCA Leadership is comprised of a skilled team of Scientist ,Doctors and Consultants. Their combined experience guarantees the continuity and expansion of our strategic objectives

Benito Novas

Head of Public Relations

Hassan Bennani, MD

Head of General Affairs

Dr Alan Gaveck

Head of Academic Operations

Rafael Gonzalez, PhD

General Auditor

Eric Edgerton, DC

Vice President

Vincent Depasquale, DC

Head of Application Technology

ISSCA objectives

To be a central resource to the public and practitioners about the practice and science of Regenerative Medicine.

Setting of standard for the credentialing in Regenerative Medicine through examinations and certifications.

To establish accepted treatment protocols and act as the central resource in Regenerative Medicine.

ISSCA Mission

We bridge the gaps between scientists and practitioners in Regenerative Medicine.


Active Member

Annual Membership:

Active members are scientists (Ph.D.), Dentists (D.D.S., D.M.D.), Veterinary Physicians (D.V.M,, V.M.D.), physicians (M.D., D.O., D.P.M.) who dedicated their quota to their practice of Regenerative Medicine.

Fellow Member

Annual Membership:

Fellow Members are scientists (Ph.D), physicians (M.D, D.O,) who have made contributions that are extraordinary to the field of Regenerative Medicine.

Associate Member

Annual Membership:

Associate members are or non-Ph.D. scientists, Chiropractic Physicians (D.C.) or Allied Health Professionals (PA, RN, LPN, MA, PT) with an interest in Regenerative Medicine.

Student Member

Annual Membership:

Student members are enrolled in Ph.D. programs or graduates of Medical Schools (M.D., D.O.) who are in the process of completing graduate science programs or medical education programs (fellowship).



International Society for Stem Cells Applications

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