In popular media, the term Regenerative Medicine, or Stem Cell Therapy, are becoming buzz words. This is because the field of medicine and healthcare is expanding and advancing every day, and many new treatments for otherwise common ailments are being discovered. These conditions range from burns, joint pain, strain, and pretty much every other common ailment out there.

The entire field of orthopedics is looking for new regenerative technology that can save more patients more safely. Currently there are two contenders: Platelet-Rich Plasma and Stem Cell.
While PRP is the safest of the two, it’s really hard to dismiss the remarkable capabilities of stem cell therapy. In fact, I believe it’s the future of regenerative medicine. But not at the level it’s playing right now. Which is a totally different discussion we’ll save for another day.

Fact: According to research, PRP treatments are one of the most in-demand treatments available in healthcare.
This is impressive considering the following.
PRP is not supported by the medical industry. No big pharma funding on extensive research or marketing. No medical associations lobbying to increase its awareness.

Yep, it’s Platelet-Rich Plasma. There has been numerous speculations about which one among the latest Platelet-Rich family was the greatest—is it the plasma or the fibrin or even latest the A-fibrin? That confusion is somewhat over now.
Platelet-products are known to facilitate angiogenesis, hemostasis, osteogenesis, and bone growth. But see, the only reason plasma can do that is because of the growth factors it carries. Let’s review the specific roles of these growth factors in the healing process.
Growth Factors In Platelet-Rich Plasma

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For most women, a tiny pimple on the face is enough to ruin their day. Or week. Even the slightest imperfection that may have a 1% chance of getting noticed by others will freak them out. For these women, Melasma is their darkest nightmare.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma has a proven record for healing soft-tissues and other living tissues. But can it actually heal the bones itself?

This could mean PRP, when applied to an affected area whether it’s an elbow joint or knee or back bone area, actually heals everything within it’s reach including the bones. Is that really why PRP actually works?

TUESDAY, 10 APRIL 2018 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG The time it takes to draw a patient’s blood, add a little citrate, and use a centrifugal machine with a PRP kit is only 15-20 minutes. This is the amount of time needed to create Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP. This can then be used for many purposes,

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TUESDAY, 03 APRIL 2018 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG Since it is a new science, many people are skeptical about Platelet-Rich Plasma, otherwise known as PRP. There are some studies out there that state that PRP works no better than a similarly administered placebo, but there are many other studies and doctors that claim that PRP

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MONDAY, 26 MARCH 2018 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has been a lifesaver for many medical practices, reigniting physicians’ passion for medicine. Not only is it 100% derived from the patient’s own body, but it is also natural and comes with minimal side effects. PRP can treat a wide range of medical conditions,

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MONDAY, 26 MARCH 2018 / PUBLISHED IN BLOG Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) extraction methods have sparked debate due to varying reliability. Understanding how to select the best PRP kit can resolve these concerns and optimize treatment outcomes. The Importance of Using a PRP Kit Merely centrifuging blood in a test tube—often termed “bloody PRP”—is ineffective and

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