What’s an On-Site Training?


This is the type of personalized hands-on training where we bring our industry-leading instructors to your very own clinic.


Think of this training as a Total Solution where we come to your office to teach you and your staff the latest advances in regenerative medicine and cellular based treatments.

We will bring all the necessary equipment and supplies to show you how to properly set up stem cell treatment right in your own office.


What our students are saying:


Richard Silva M.D., Brazil


Pedro Franchi M.D., Chile


Paul Castro M.D., Costa Rica


Mark Kelly M.D., USA

Why our on-site personalized training is better?

  • Staff Training:
    The laboratory process of obtaining stem cells from fat or bone marrow and isolating PRP, like any lab process, tends to be very methodical most of the time. Therefore, it is common for doctors to delegate this part of the process to their nurses or medical assistants. With our on-site courses, all your nurses and medical assistants will be trained so they can always assist you when needed.
  •  Fully Dedicated Instructor:
    If you and your team want to acquire the skills and deeply learn adipose stem cell and bone marrow extraction procedures, there is no better way to do it than one-on-one sessions with our instructors. We guarantee you will have a highly skilled instructor by your side who will help and teach you how to perform the entire treatment.
  • Learn the Treatment Protocols of Your Choice:
  • As this is personalized training, we will focus solely on the type of treatment and illness you wish to target. In fact, we will not only teach you the laboratory process of obtaining the cells, but also perform the reintegration of the cells into the patient. Additionally, we will instruct you on all the different ways the cells can be administered, depending on the medical condition the demonstrative patients are facing.
  • Equipment and Kits Delivered to Your Office:
    We will alleviate the hassle of selecting equipment and searching for kits and consumables for isolating stem cells. With our on-site training, we will deliver and install all the necessary laboratory equipment.

The Process of Scheduling your On-Site Training.

Since this training is fully personalized, we will put our best effort to fulfilling all your needs and requirements.

As a first step, we will have an initial consultation where we discuss costs, the type of treatments you want to learn, and the type of patients you need to schedule for treatments.

This information will allow us to put together a package including supplies, equipment and training materials tailored to your regenerative medicine needs.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill out the form below now and we will contact you right away to discuss the different options available for your on-site training:


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