UCLA researchers have discovered a new way to activate the stem cells in the hair follicle to make hair grow. The research may lead to new drugs that could promote hair growth for people with baldness or alopecia, which is hair loss associated with such factors as hormonal imbalance, stress, aging or chemotherapy. Hair follicle stem cells are long-lived cells in the hair follicle that are present in the skin and produce hair throughout a person’s lifetime.

The society’s board helps scientists and physicians in the field make connections to improve research and provide safer and more effective patient care.

The Symposium will bring the latest trends, developments and commercialization
opportunities from the field of regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is one of the most fascinating fields in medical science. ISSCA is opening two new education centers in order to keep promoting excellence in the field of regenerative medicine.

ISSCA has released its 2019 regenerative medicine training calendar for physicians, to be held in seven international cities.

ISSCA’s 2019 “Applications of Cell Therapies in Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery” symposium agenda to focus on allogeneic compounds in the regenerative medicine industry.